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Classroom Profiling - the future of professional development


What is Classroom Profiling?

Classroom profiling is a confidential, non � judgemental, voluntary process that enables a teacher to reflect on the effective learning and teaching strategies they employ.  The profile is approx 40 minutes long and data is recorded on preventative and reactionary strategies a teacher might use to manage situations that occur in class.  You may have as many profiles done on your class as you wish.  The collected data is then discussed with the teacher. 


Why do it?

At Aurukun Campus, having your classroom profiled ensures you are accessing professional development in improving your behaviour management skills.  Data collected gives us an idea of what areas we need to improve individually and as a team.  All college campuses are profiling voluntary teachers (mandatory for 1st year teachers) by week 5 in terms 1 and 3, 2005.  The college has over 10 trained profilers to access.


For alot more information visit the IETA (Indigneous Education and Alliance) website - Mark Davidson's and Janine Wick's page. 

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