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 Tuckshop Menu

Hello as we fly through another school term we have a new Tuckshop Menu for Term 3. We are currently changing the menu to suit our growing and changing tastes and requests from our students, we try to please all by adding different dishes to our menus. We are making the menu changes in the guidelines of Queensland Smart Choices implemented by the Queensland State Government.

In the new menu we have included pies, sausage rolls and hamburgers. These foods are rated as amber foods in the Smart Choices Guidelines. If you wish to know more about these new rules please feel to contact either the Principal Mr Whybird, Lisa at the Tuck-shop, Staff at Queensland Health - Mary, Marta, Dawn, Esther or the School Nurse, Sandy. You can also log on to the net for further information:


Because of the high use of the apple slinkie machine there will be a 10 cent charge for peeling your own apples. This will commence the first day back of Term Three. Thank you and keep eating your beautiful apples. T he tuck-shop apples will remain at $1.00 peeled.

The staff at the tuck-shop are asking parents for donations of cake mixes [they can be any brand or make] and thank you to the 7 families and individuals that donated last term, this keeps the cost of our cakes down and every donation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to our 3 volunteers for this year in the tuck-shop, we really have enjoyed and appreciated the help. We are always looking for help so if you can spare some time come in and lend a hand. Also, a big thank you to Mr Hoy for coming up with a design for the tuck shop! [ watch that space ]

We wish you a FANTASTIC Term 3 - have a great school holiday break and relax ... Thank you! Lisa, Pung & Sandra - Tuckshop Staff



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