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What is expected of Western Cape College

- Weipa Campus Students

Pride in yourself and your own personal standards should be reflected in the way you conduct yourself at the school in which you spend a great part of your day.

The way in which you wear your uniform, your behaviour at school (and on field trips), and your care for the appearance of the school grounds and school property reflects upon your standards, and the standards of the school.

It is important that all students develop respect for themselves as people and as members of the school community. Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in an appropriate way.

All people involved in the school community should work together to make their experience in the school as productive and satisfying as possible.

It is expected that everyone will participate to the best of his/her ability, in as many school activities as possible. These activities include class work, homework, sporting activities, cultural activities, service activities (serving on committees, assisting with fund raising, etc). Once students become involved in a sporting, cultural or social activity it is expected that they will accept responsibility for their part in the activity. When students do not behave as they are expected, or when the rights of others have been infringed, they must accept there will be consequences, which are fair and reasonable.

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