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Leading up to our State Education Week celebrations, students from Years 1-6 participated in a Spelling Bee. The Spelling Bee culminated last week with one student from each year level being awarded the Education Week Spelling Bee Champion. All students from Years 1-6 participated in the initial spelling test with finalists being selected from each year level (see finalist names listed).

Congratulations to all finalists and in particular to our spelling bee champions from each year level. A big thankyou goes to Charlotte Pezaro and Simone Hansen for Coordinating the Spelling Bee.

Education Week commenced with Mr Rob Atkinson, Manager of Comalco Weipa, as our �Principal for a Day�. Mr Atkinson�s first job was to attend the Staff Breakfast on Monday morning and hand out the awards to the nominees for Staff Member of the Month.

After this he headed off to visit classrooms and parade. While on the Eastern Campus both he and Lisa Howard viewed some of the excellent class work being done by our students. He also judged the Yr 1&2 spelling competition.

On Tuesday the year 5 students displayed some brilliant examples of their Scientific work with a Science Expo in the Year 5 block. Many proud parents visited and commented on the wonderful student work.

The House of Origin Oz Tag & Get Active Program kept the teachers and students busy on Wednesday. The Home Economics students were busy on Thursday & Friday with plenty of catering for the various activities around the school. There were lots of compliments on quality of the fare. Friday bought an end to the week with heaps of things happening in the classrooms. Year 3�s held their traditional craft market under the trees on the Western Oval�the craftsmanship was brilliant.

Again everyone enjoyed a lovely buffet style lunch with wonderful treats on offer from the Home Economics students. I�m sure those that attended some of the events would agree that the Staff and Students worked hard to make every one very proud of their work.

Year 1 Finalists

Dylan Haydon
Liam Parr
Connor O�Brien
Shannon Wrigley
Morgan McCulkin
Jack Brandon
Leona Buchan

Year 1 Champion
Riley Maxwell

Year 2 Finalists

Callum Barker
Leeroy Ahmat
Erin Taylor
Jasmin Sjoberg
Jesse Kruckow
Kirra Miller

Year 2 Champion
Kirra Miller 

Year 3 Finalists

Nathan Haydon
Adam Price
Sam Third
Patrick Bee-Hunter
Zeenia Gul
Josie Atkinson
Brianna Elms

Year 3 Champion
Josie Howell

Year 4 Finalists

Talia Law
Tyler Standon
Shena-May Clifford
Ethan Kruckow
Jack Taylor

Year 4 Champion
Liam Siansbury

Year 5 Finalists

Kate Barnes
Benjamin Slade
Jack Lowi-Genn
Rebecca Tierney
Joshua Bosuen
Ashley Seaborn
Georgia Manthey
McLeod Atkinson

Year 5 Champion
Hamza Taswar

Year 6 Finalists

William Morris
Nicholas Prout
Joanna Bielby
Josie Waugh
Vivienne Kruckow

Year 6 Champion
Pia Easton

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