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Systems Leadership Teams    


All staff at W.C.C are expected to be able to:

        Explain the context and purpose of the W.C.C. Leadership Program

        Exhibit appropriate team leader and team member behaviours

        Make use of the values continua to predict reactions to change

        Endorse productive and authorised systems

        Effect positive symbolic behaviour and symbols in the work place

        Assign tasks using the Task Assignment Model

        Explain the authorities of a Manager

        Understand the authorities of a Manager one Removed


The Western Cape College Leadership Program focuses on organisational and individual performance, providing staff with a common understanding and common language. 


At W.C.C. Aurukun Campus we have taken one step further towards creating a meritocracy.  This means the right people, in the right roles, doing the right work.   We have developing five regularly meeting teams that utilize the tools and behaviour associated with systems leadership theory.  The team leaders of these teams meet fortnightly with the deputy and principal with their recommendations.  The W.C.C. Aurukun Campus Teams are:


  1. Buildings and Facilities Team 

Purpose:  To provide recommendations for a strategic policy framework with implementation guidelines around maintenance, refurbishment and cleaning of staff assets at the Aurukun Campus.


  1. Policies and Procedures Team 

Purpose:  To provide recommendations to ensure the development of a suite of policies and procedures that are unique to the context of Aurukun Campus.


  1. Social issues and Staff Welfare Team 

Purpose:  To provide recommendations to enhance staff welfare, social cohesion and community engagement at Aurukun Campus.


  1. Curriculum and Pedagogy Team 

Purpose:  To provide recommendations to facilitate the practical implementation of New Basics at Aurukun Campus.


  1. Attendance and Transition Team 

Purpose:  To provide recommendations to improve campus attendance and ensure successful transition from community back to campus and campus to Weipa hostel and boarding schools.


Our campus teams are essential to achieving desired behaviour and reaching a desired culture that continually questions the status quo and challenges accepted norms within the context of Aurukun community and education.  Our teams are proactive agents of change and do not adhere to the philosophy of �service providers�.


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