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The Weipa Campus of Western Cape College is the administrative hub of the College.  As the largest of the three campuses, it has an important role to support and continue to lead innovative practices with Mapoon and Aurukun.

The Weipa Campus is now widely regarded as a leader in educational reform that offers the twin communities of Weipa -Napranum outstanding educational outcomes across a wide variety of school experiences (as evidenced by the continued success of the graduating Year 12 students of 2005). 


The Weipa Campus has grown from around 540 students in 2001 to a current enrolment of 860.  Demographically the school has a rich diversity of cultures including 50% indigenous students.  Many of these students travel daily from Napranum to Weipa by bus and the school also has close links to the Weipa Hostel.  Other diverse cultural groups are now also calling Weipa home.
















Weipa Campus currently employs around 120 staff, 65 of which are teachers across all phases of schooling.  In 2002 the school changed from a traditional primary/secondary model to 3 tiered model of Junior School (P-3), Middle School (Yrs 4-9) and Senior School (Yrs 10-12).  Each phase of learning has a designated leader or Head of Stage Schooling.  The Junior and Middle Heads are college positions that work with their colleagues at Mapoon and Aurukun campuses.  All three are accountable for leading their teaching teams to explore new and innovative ways of delivering curriculum as well as managing budgets and daily operations.

The Campus is physically divided up into 3 sectors. The Preschool currently operates at Rocky Point in a beautiful location overlooking Albatross Bay and the main part of the Campus is 500 metres away. Central Avenue divides the Western and Eastern campuses.  In 2007, the Prep students will be located on the Western Campus and the Pre school will cease to operate.

The Weipa Campus curriculum is based on the New Basics organisers.  This integrated curriculum allows students to complete tasks which are moderated to ensure comparability with other students in Queensland.  The staff are well versed in current educational requirements and are implementing the agendas of Education and Training Reforms for the Future and Bound for Success.  In 2007, the school will welcome its first cohort of full time Prep students and arrangements are well underway to ensure the successful transition from the traditional Pre school program.  Senior students are also preparing for 2007 by focussing on the Senior Education and Training (SET) plans.  This is in line with the Service Guarantee for Cape and Torres Strait Schools which clearly guarantees that students who graduate from the Weipa campus will obtain either an OP, a traineeship/apprenticeship or a job.  Across all sectors of schooling, new and exciting practices are improving educational delivery to our children

Due to its rapid growth, the Weipa Campus is currently receiving new facilities for its students.  Phase 1a of the master plan was completed for the start of the 2006 school year with new classrooms for Years 5 and 6 students, a new performing arts/multimedia centre, covered walkways, the Croc stage and upgrades to existing facilities.  The completion of phase 1, which will see new classrooms and library facilities, will be dependant on enrolment growth.

The Office administration team has been refined and focuses on the support structures needed to efficiently run the school.   They work closely with the College admin who also assist Mapoon and Aurukun campuses.



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