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As Director of Western Cape College I welcome you to our Web Site.
At Western Cape College we are committed to delivering quality education to our students with a focus on student outcomes.  Western Cape College is a centre of excellence and we expect nothing less from our staff and students. 
The college is heavily committed to improving outcomes for all students.  To do this Western Cape College:
  • Implemented ground breaking literacy and numeracy programs
  • Implemented Smart Classes at Aurukun Campus
  • Supported the Transition Support Unit
  • Supported the Partners for Success strategy    
  • Developed community partnerships

Western Cape College priorities for 2006 are to:

    • Improve student outcomes
    • Increase student attendance
    • Increase retention and transition rates
    • Implement the Bound for Success: Cape York and Torres Strait Education Strategy
    • Embed and extend previous college reforms
    • Create organisational effectiveness model
    • Build quality curriculum
    • Move students into workforce
    • Improve the efficacy of resource management
    • Action community engagement models
I encourage you to explore our Web Site and discover the advances Western Cape College has made in delivering excellence in education.   
Ian Mackie
Director, Western Cape College
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