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The Mapoon Campus is in Phase Two of the New Basics Trial. New Basics provides a framework for planning, giving teachers an opportunity to develop programs that are linked to the community, being real life or life-like focused. The moderation of the Rich Tasks also gives students, teachers, parents and the wider community real assessment data due to the process where our work samples from the college are compared to other work samples from over Queensland.

Three Year Curriculum Framework

Preschool Curriculum

The �You Can Do It!� Education Program is an approach, which the Western Cape College Mapoon Campus has adopted to help our students attain the best of their ability and achieve positive, social, emotional well-being. It builds on Five Foundations that the Mapoon Campus has identified as key areas that need to be addressed for our students. They are �

         Getting along
         Emotional Resilience

These Five Foundations are taught directly to the students and are reinforced in the playground and on parade.

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