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Personal - Head of Curriculum 7 - 9

In 2002, my family and I arrived in Weipa unsure of what to expect. We are now in our fourth year in Weipa and we are enjoying the relaxed lifestyle. With an English/History teaching background, since being in Weipa I have taught English, Media and Performance and Active Citizenship. During my time at the Western Cape College, I have taught almost exclusively in the Years 7-9 area.  My main focus has been in the delivery of a number of the Rich Tasks in Suite 3, the Year 7-9 Rich Tasks. The delivery of these tasks has been very challenging. The Western Cape College - Weipa Campus is now in its second year of the moderation of Rich Tasks.  With the dedication and committment of staff, these tasks are now well planned. This assists with the delivery of these tasks now and in future years. 


As Head of Department 7-9, I am accountable for:

  • The management of the Year 7 and 8 Depth Studies and the Year 8 and 9 Rich Tasks.
  • The development of multi-step plans, assessment and teaching resources for Depth Studies and Rich Tasks.
  • The moderation and reporting process of the Suite 3 Rich Tasks.

Current Focus

The Weipa Campus is in its second year of Rich Task moderation. My current focus is to ensure that all eight of the Year 7-9 Rich Tasks are completed by early Term 4. Rich Task staff are working extremely hard to do this and to being prepared for Local Consensus Events, state-wide moderation, which will occur in October.


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