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Aurukun was established as a Presbyterian mission in 1904.  The Archer Bay site had many casual visitors mostly of the Wik people.  Much earlier, the coastal people played a role in preventing the Dutch explorers of the seventeenth century from landing at Cape Keerweer.  Many people remained outside the mission up until the 1950s ensuring the culture remained strong. Aurukun is also located on bauxite rich land.  In 1975 the community was placed under direct state government control.  Following the Wik case the land has been reverted to Native Title held by the Wik people.  The focal area of the Wik lies between the Archer and Edward Rivers of Western Cape York Peninsula and inland to Coen.


The Campus is a P - 10 school and focuses on the education of the communities children in the highest standards possible. 

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Life on the campus begins at preschool, with the students enjoying their first year of school with lots of fun activities in a caring and safe environment.

Primary School years are an on going learning process that is essential to the learning process of children. These years build on what has been learnt in preschool and are a foundation for learning in high school years.

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Middle school allows the students to expand their education and begin to broaden their education to prepare them for the workforce. Once completing year 10 the students either attend WCC - Weipa or a boarding school to complete Years 11 and 12.


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Aurukun is a culturaly diverse community on the west coast of Queensland it is approximately 5 km inland from the coast line. Teachers and other school staff are held in high regard with the local community members.


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