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Mapoon Campus Structure


The student body is divided into 3 main groups

         Kindergarten � Preschool

         Year 1/2/3

         Year 4/5/6


The Kindergarten and Preschool Classes foster and develop our children�s natural desire to explore and learn. Our committed Preschool and Kindergarten teacher develops an exciting, real life program, which starts our youngest students� life long learning journey and ensures that they are happy and confident as they enter Year 1. (Link to K � P page)


The Year 1/2/3 class incorporates the richness of the New Basics Curriculum with a strong emphasis on developing the basics of literacy and numeracy. Our experienced 1/2/3 classroom teacher provides a disciplined and structured classroom implementing stimulating programs which are designed to be real life or life like. (Link to 1/2/3 page)


The Year 4/5/6 class uses the New Basics Curriculum in partnership with our enthusiastic 4/5/6 classroom teacher to provide meaningful learning outcomes. These final years at our campus provide a broad foundation of knowledge and skills for future study in the Western Cape College or at other boarding schools by encouraging students to be self disciplined and by taking responsibility for their learning. (Link to 4/5/6 page)
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