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Western Cape College - Leads to Careers

The Western Cape College is a response to Education Queensland’s commitment to improve educational outcomes for all students.  The Western Cape College officially opened on January 1, 2002.  This P-12 educational facility aligns the campuses of Mapoon, and Weipa. In 2012, Western Cape College, in partnership with the Indigenous Land Corporation, opened a 120 bed residential facility located in Weipa. 

The Western Cape College serves a diverse Community with widely spread social, academic and economic experiences.  Our diversity is not, however, our defining feature. Western Cape College is committed to maximising life choice for all students by maximising educational outcomes, standards of behaviour, attention and commitment to formal learning and its structure are emphasised across all Campuses.

We judge our success by the retention of students to year twelve and their choices in regard to further education or employment. This outcome is dependent upon a safe, supportive learning environment so the principles of equity and social justice are applied.

Success is also dependent upon consistent rigour so every year level and every student is critical. Data is collected on all students to track development.

The College Principal manages the strategic issues for the whole College (P-12) and works with a range of community organisations and Department of Education services to improve pathways, provide facilities, support and options for our young people.

A College Leadership team oversees the operation of the college. Each Campus has its own Head of School who is accountable for the day to day running.