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Explicit improvement agenda

Western Cape College is committed to an Explicit Improvement Agenda across both the Weipa and Mapoon campuses to increase student academic achievement in all areas.  The Explicit Improvement Agenda for teaching and learning will ensure every student is learning and improving through further enhancing our current teaching and learning practices with a stronger focus on student academic achievement.

Explicit teaching commenced in term 3, 2011 for students in all learning areas.  WCC understands that the extra-curricular interruptions to prime learning time must cease immediately and we are committed to ensuring all of our students make significant progress in their academic achievement.

WCC has on display throughout the school, the Academic achievement results for all primary Learning Areas and attendance data from 2010 until now to increase the transparency of our practises in the community and with parents.  These data walls highlight what we’re doing right and where we need to make vast improvements. These data walls will be updated regularly to reflect the improvements in reading levels, spelling, mental computation and attendance.  If you would like specific information about your child’s progress please make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher.

EVERY DAY all students in primary classes will participate in explicit Literacy and Numeracy lessons focussing on the teaching of explicit reading comprehension skills and mental computation.  The 4 – 7 students will participate in Block 2 (9:40am – 10:50am).    The year 1 – 3 students will participate in Block 3 (11:25am – 12:35pm).

Attendance at school every day is vital to the success of this Explicit Improvement Agenda.  For every day your child does not attend, they will miss explicit teaching and learning opportunities that may set them further apart from their peers.  Every week all students in primary classes will sit literacy and numeracy tests to gauge accurate levels of knowledge and understanding. This data will be put on display to highlight the successful progress of student achievement.