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Enrichment Program

Western Cape College offers an Enrichment Program which enables students to be extended and enriched and to continue to expand on their successes. This compliments our Gifted Education Program where students can be tested using the RAVENS Progressive Matrices. This is a test of non verbal reasoning so is appropriate to all students, regardless of background.

Students who are identified as having high intellectual potential are also supported in their classrooms with differentiated curriculum however the Enrichment Program will provide further opportunities to enhance their lifelong learning.

This program is offered to students who have demonstrated behaviours and attitudes that indicate they will most likely benefit. These behaviours include

  • Ability – both general and specific
  • Commitment to tasks and the notion of ‘lifelong learning’
  • Creativity – originality and fluency of thought
  • Sensitivity to characteristics and detail

Academic excellence is not a prerequisite.

This program aims to assist students with the ability to develop a range of skills that will lead towards their becoming responsible, self-directed, life –long learners. The emphasis is on developing thinking, decision making and problem solving skills and applying them to new situations. It is intended that through this Program, students will assume responsibility for the development, implementation and evaluation of their own learning.

Further information about this program can be directed to our Gifted Education Coordinator, Mary Ann Thompson on 40906444 or [email protected]