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The Arts

 At Western Cape College, the Arts is delivered and offered to all students from Prep - Year 12.  The Arts program across Prep - Year 7 involves four strands of the Arts being delivered by specialist teachers across the year on a term by term rotation. 

The Arts program from Year 8 - 12 is offered to students as electives.  All five strands of the Arts KLA are available at all year levels, with clear pathway to further training, employment, or University, fitting within Western Cape College's Service Guarantee.

At Western Cape College, the Arts staff continue to provide students with opportunities to access the arts outside of the school curriculum to further develop their arts knowledge, understanding, and practices.  Such Arts activities and experiences include:-

  • Musicals (every second year)
  • Creative Generation Dance & Music Tour
  • MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama talent night)