Easy Guide on How to Make Your Essay Longer

Essays are one of the most common assignments because they help students get in-depth knowledge of a topic. They also show just how well they understand it to their teacher.  When it comes to writing essays, there is a lot of work to be done. They require time and effort to ensure that they come out properly. To write an essay properly, there are a few tips that can guide you to ensure that your essay is perfect. If you’ve written an essay, and you’re asking questions like, how can I add more words to my essay? Then this is definitely for you.

Best ideas and hints on how to make my essay longer

For any essay regardless of the discipline, there are some integral questions that need to be answered. The questions are how long is an essay of this nature supposed to be? It also could be what is the essay about, why you’re writing the essay, and how you’re presenting the essay. So, here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Write a wordy introduction

Introductions are the most effective ways to give a scope of your essay. For any academic/non-academic essays, the introduction is the factor that determines how to write long essays because the more detailed it is, the less you’ll have to write in your body. Also,  the vaguer it is, the longer your essay will be.

For your Introduction, it is important to always ensure that you present the topic and the perspective you’re writing from. For a perfect introduction, you need to place facts, relevant information, and the purpose of the essay in it.

  • Provide as much information in the body

The body of an essay is the part that contains details about each important point in the introduction. It requires you to have longer paragraphs than your introduction with more details included. If you’re thinking about how to make paragraphs longer, the easiest way is to ensure that you gather as much data from references as possible and include them in your content.

Another way is to also include your thoughts and findings so that the paragraphs become bulkier.

The body of every essay needs to contain as much information as possible so that the reader will understand the topic perfectly. Furthermore, every essay needs to be free from unnecessary fluff. You can understand how to extend essay length by reading other related essays and articles.

  • Divide your content

It is important to add structure to your content. This means you need to divide your history essay into sub-headers. These subheaders will show you how to lengthen essays without adding any fluff. You can treat each subheader as a topic of its own. This helps you to find a lot more creative ways to lengthen an essay because you can now look for more content based on a related context.

  • Essays require factual information

Except you’re writing an English essay that’s meant to be fictional, the information contained in your essays needs to be filled with facts.

  • Relevance

Whenever you’re working on any essay, you need to ensure that you only include relevant data. Data can be factual but completely irrelevant to the essay you’re writing. The location, topic, essay type, and word count can determine the relevance of the information being included in the essay.

How to make an essay longer

To make an essay longer you need to do a lot of extensive research on the particular topic and other related topics. Furthermore, you can include references, annotated bibliographies, and other relevant data to make the content longer. 

How to make paragraphs longer

You can get longer paragraphs by making shorter sentences. You can then break a single sentence into two or three sentences that require more words. Furthermore, you can make each paragraph address a particular topic. You can also make the middle paragraphs to be answers to specific questions that you’ve already provided in your introduction.

Finally, it is always important to create a checklist of information that will be included in the essay and to also ensure that the references are properly done according to your school’s standards.


You can lengthen your essay when you use the tips above. However, you need to be careful to avoid filling it up with fluff and unrelated content.

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