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P & C Information:

Each Western Cape College Campus has it's own P & C Committee. Please click on the relevant campus to find out more information about their committe, events, meetings and activities

The role of the P & C is to:

  • foster general community interest in educational matters;
  • endeavour to bring about closer co-operation between the parents of students attending the School, other members of the community and the staff and students of the School;
  • provide advice and recommendations to the Executive Principal/Head of Campus on issues and concerns in respect to students and the general operation and management of the School;
  • provide or assist in the provision of financial or other resources or services for the benefit of students of the School;
  • participate in any committee or other body comprising members of the School and wider community, which will contribute to the general benefit of students attending the School;
  • assist a State Preschool Centre and a Special Education Unit of the School (if these exist at the school);
  • perform any other functions as the Minister may determine.

All parents, carers, family and community members are encouraged to attend P & C meetings. This is a very important way of getting to know about your child's school and to have your say. The students love to see their parents/family taking interest in their education and do much better when their family is involved.