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2006 Education in Aurukun

If you are considering working at Western Cape College, Aurukun Campus then you need to ensure that your personal education philosophies closely align with the college and campus specific philosophies.

2005 has seen many much needed positive changes to approaches in indigenous education, community engagement, transition readiness and attendance at Aurukun campus.  If you are chosen to join our team, you will be joining a team of college professionals who hold a very high set of expectations for the future of education in Aurukun.  You will be fully supported in professional development, leadership capabilities and Aurukun cultural protocols.  It will be a unique opportunity to actively be part of the cutting edge of educational innovation in a recognised centre of excellence - The Western Cape College.

All aspiring teachers need to apply through the �Partners for Success� applicant pool. All information can be found on the EQ Web Site. Utilise the IETA (Indigenous Education and Training Alliance) website as an excellent reference for working in indigenous communities in the far north. 

Other employment opportunities (Teacher aide, groundsman, cleaner, tuckshop convenor etc.) are advertised when positions become available.

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