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Western Cape College Aurukun Campus is a trial school for "Partners for Success" and very much committed to the continuous improvement of education and employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The campus is co-ed. The approach aims specifically at developing effective partnerships between Campus staff and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and communities.

The partnerships established in Aurukun, which are based on respect and acceptance of mutual responsibility, have been successful in creating a shared vision of the value of education and training for Aurukun students.

We believe that school and education do not sit alone. We have developed strong links with agencies such as the Council, Health and Police (justice) ensuring that benefits can be achieved for students, parents and community members alike. Strong links have also been made through the establishment of a compact with Comalco in Weipa that aims at providing training and employment opportunities for our post-secondary students.  

The Campus has sucessfully established a working P & C. Monies have been accessed in 2005 to build a Justice Education and Socialisation centre that will be an important hub for community involvement.

The Campus is now organised around discreet year level classes from Pre-school to year 10. The Campus also offers post year 10 curriculums through the Aurukun Youth strategy. The Campus is committed to transitions to other learning opportunities and or work.

The Campus has a strong focus on effective teaching and learning practices within proven ESL approaches. While learning experiences at our Campus have usually been sensitive to the students' contexts, New Basics provides a stronger framework for unit planning and also provides continuity across the Campus. Making connections and links to what students are doing at school, and to the community in which they live and operate in, are of paramount importance to us. Just as Standard Australian English (through an ESL approach) is a major focus of classroom learning, so too is the Campus's ability to provide relevant and appropriate educational experiences across the curriculum.

The Campus has numerous extra curricular activities with specific emphasis on sport and local culture.   

How can I work at Western Cape College, Aurukun Campus?   

Aurukun Campus students - ngan kuchek waap min!

Aurukun campus/ college staff only links will be here in fourth term 2005 and will contain:  

  • 2006 induction packs - Wik Mungkan audio phrases, cultural protocols, Local Accommodation Committee 'living in Aurukun' pack, Important numbers and 2005 Christmas holidays info and oh so much, much more...
  • Ready to go Aurukun Campus Specific forms ie SSS Team referrals, Systems Leadership team suggestion proforma etc.
  • 2006 Aurukun Campus Staff Handbook  
  • Year by year data comparisons for 3/5/7 testing, overall school attendance, Rich Tasks etc.
  • Essential readings on aspiration based education, passivity vs ownership etc.

 You want to know more?  Then contact:

Head of Campus
Richard Barrie
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Head of P � 6
Andrew Shaw  
[email protected]

Western Cape College, Aurukun Campus
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